Japanese Songs – Kodoku no Kakera by Angela Aki


Angela Aki always had a special importance to my life. She was one of the first Japanese artists that really stuck with me and her mix of both Japanese and English piano-oriented songs is something I just never get tired of.

As I learn Japanese I periodically come back to her music and I notice how I understand a little bit more every time. It feels magical and is a great motivational boost.

Sadly she went on hiatus several years ago to study music at Washington university, so a lot of her old music was removed from YouTube and people just kind of forgot about her. Apparently she’s back in Japan now and ready to jump back into music, so I can’t wait to hear more of her if that happens.

I took the jump and decided to look at the lyrics for one of her songs. You can find the lyrics and translation in the links below. (the subtitles in the YouTube video aren’t that good imo)

Name (JP + romaji) 孤独のカケラ (Kodoku no Kakera)

Name (English) Fragments of Loneliness

Lyrics source: nautiljon and utamap

Interesting vocab or expressions I picked up:

  • ため息をつく to let out a sigh
  • 動揺する to disturb: I actually mistook this for どう言う
  • 置き去り looking at the kanji it’s literally putting something in the past. Hence desertion / leaving behind
  • 償う{つぐなう} to make up for
  • 温もり warmth
  • 手放す {てばなす}to release, to part with.

あなたに出会って、初めて気づいた。幸せがあること。 ”When I met you I noticed for the first time that happiness exists.”

償うことは今更できないけど諦めるにはまだ早い気がする ”It’s now too late to make up but I feel like it’s still too early to give up.”

I was delighted to find out that the amazing goosehouse did a nice cover of one of her songs:

Everyone has their artist they really like and I think Angela Aki’s mine. Obviously a big reason for that is that we both play piano, and that her music has been with me in both pleasant and difficult times. I can’t wait for more of her, and to let her  music inspire me once again.

~ Nick




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