Baguette Strife, Soldier 1st Clams – Looking Back at December 2015

Going over my screenshots from exactly one year ago, December 2015 was a busy month. I took plenty of screenshots back then about things which moved me, excited me or left me hungry. As we head into 2017, let’s loop back time and view some of them together!

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s gameplay was shown at an event by PlayStation, I’m pretty excited for this game, and also curious how they’ll translate some delicate scenes the original had to full 3D. Everyone seems to complain about something in games lately even when they don’t play the game. I really hope Square has the Adamantoise balls to do what they want, even if people on the internet might find it shocking.

Please keep the Cloud cross-dressing thanks!


I don’t know why I have this. But okay.

Hnnghnghn Shinya thirst..


I love Doctor Who, and December aired both the Christmas Special, as well as the final episode of series 9. This episode had everything I love about Doctor Who: great acting, wonder-inducing lore and a great soundtrack. I ended up growing fond of Clara, and I was sad to see her leave, but I’m looking forward to seeing the new companion in 2017. BBC sure likes to make us suffer.

Also Peter Capaldi needs an award and more people need to watch this:

December means Winter holidays (read: exam study period) but I seem to have squeezed some anime and movies in there.


The first being the gorgeous When Marnie Was There.

The setting and themes were a refreshing change from what I’m used to from Ghibli. I like classics such as Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle, but this movie did so much with so little and managed to make me think about my life. I remember being sad and just sitting there when the credits rolled. It’s a special coming-of-age Ghibli movie, and maybe my favorite Ghibli movie. What’s yours?


I also completed Angel Beats back then. Wow, that was really good. It had both comedy and serious moments and still managed to do things well, along with some brilliant animation and a killer opening song.


I love murder mysteries, and when I first learned that Subete Ga F ni Naru was set on a shut-off island and had a locked room murder in a lab, count me in! *Another Code flashbacks*

I think I finished this in one sitting, it was pretty philosophical and sometimes a bit “Huh”, but overall a really enjoyable anime. Wish there were more of these.


When finishing a serious anime or movie like the ones mentioned above, I usually feel heavy and… empy? Sad? I need to cleanse that feeling by watching a good comedy, and Nodame Cantabile definitely delivered. I laughed so much with this, and balls for having a concert/music school as a backdrop!

Thanks for reminding myself, bishounenick, I might just watch the second season this year.


To end December Square Enix absolutely made my month by announcing a lovely PC/iOS remaster of Final Fantasy IX. This came out of nowhere on New Years Eve, midnight even, and everyone was ♥___♥ about it. It’s an amazing game, which I’m actually still playing now and then, and they spiced it up with boosts and skippeable random encounters, so no complaining if you “don’t like old JRPGs”!


In my December 2016 folder I also had  a lot of pictures of Japanese food for some reason, yeah.

I love Japanese food fight me.


A friend recommended me a really funny miniseries called Fresh Off the Boat I knew it from occasionally seeing images of it on 9gag or Twitter, but I never bothered to check it out until now. It’s really funny, just watch it!


I also saved a lot of images and artwork of Final Fantasy XV, I thought this one was fitting for December 🙂

That’s a gist of some of the things I did and wish were memorable enough to screenshot. Thanks for reading.  Have a great 2017. See you next year!

Nick~ ♪


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