Tantei No Tantei – Jdrama Mini-Review


The drama follows the fast-paced adventures of Sasaki Rena, a detective who joined the anti-detective department of a detective agency to hunt down illegal detectives. She did this with the ulterior motive of tracking down the detective who provided a murderer valuable info that lead to the dead of Sasaki’s sister. Throughout the show she gets closer to the truth as she tries to track down this detective.

Main themes of the show are Mystery, Crime/Police and with occasional impressive fighting choreograhpy, also some Action.




I picked this show up because I love crime shows, and this show’s focus on 2 female lead characters and detectives felt refreshing on paper, and it was refreshing when watching. Sasaki, portrayed by Keiko Kitagawa is a brilliant actress and she had plenty of bad-ass moments in this show. The story never dragged on.

A main gripe I had was that the main character being super smart and having killer deductive and trap-making skills, she never really struggled and immediately understood what was going on. Sure, Sasaki has her weaknesses explored, loses her cool (literally) at the slightest mention of her sister but when it comes to the crime/police and investigation element of the show, she’s sometimes just a little…. too smart and brave that it almost felt like sloppy writing to make the plot work.

Initially when I checked out the first episode months ago, this threw me off. She makes a super what-the-duck deduction that’s just… humanly impossible. In the end I’m glad I gave this show another try now, I just had to turn off the logic knob in my brain. It’s hard to explain, I liked Sasaki’s smart scenes and action scenes, but sometimes it crossed the line of what I could accept as “real”.


The show has a good story though, it moves along at a good pace that will keep you hooked, it has some twists which I didn’t see coming, and some solid acting from side characters (which sadly wasn’t used to its fullest, which you can read below). Sasaki’s assistant (Kotoha) makes up for Sasaki’s smarty-pants personality and is more down-to-earth, which made for a good contrast.

In general it’s one of those shows that I think is good, but only good because of the main character. Replace the main character with a less skilled or unknown actress, and the show would crumble. There’s a lot of wasted potential when it comes to all the other characters that just were there. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the sets too much either, it sometimes felt cheap like they were low on budget.

ss (2016-08-20 at 07.40.50)

When putting a score on it, I was thinking of either a 7/10 or an 8/10, and I’m willing to go with an 8/10 because the show left a good impression on me in the end, if ever a second season happen, the side cast deserves more love and they could go with some more intrigue and mystery. Again, I just think they might’ve been low on budget and had to wrap it up near the end.

Something small to note, that deserves its own paragraph. The show has these weird moments were it shows spoilery snapshots of events that will happen, almost like a “Please continue watching, it will get better”. I don’t like that a lot, because heck it was spoilery.


Here’s the main theme, which looped in my head for several days after finishing the show:


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