Now Watching – Tantei No Tantei


I’ve watched plenty of Japanese shows in July, one of them was Ouroboros. I had high hopes for this because I love crime dramas and it starred actors like Ikuta Toma and Ogori Shun. I felt like it felt flat in many story ways and it didn’t help that I didn’t connect with any of the side cast and Ikuta Toma was a downright crybaby. I really need my crime drama fix so decided to give Tantei No Tantei (Detectives vs Detectives) a try.

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Tantei No Tantei has everything I love: some mystery, detective and a good yet small cast lead by Keiko Kitagawa (♥) searching for the person responsible for her sister’s murder, and hence becoming a cold-blooded detective who hunts other detectives down. I’m only 5 episodes in, and I really like it. It definitely isn’t a case-by-case show and doesn’t drive the mystery aspects home too hard, I’m still really excited to see the story unfold when I finish an episode. I just hope it won’t be too predictable, as is the case now (although okay it did some surprising things in the 4th episode)

In terms of other detective/crime/mystery dramas, I really liked Mr Brain, Bloody Monday and Kurosagi. I hear a lot of good things about Lady (also starring Keiko Kitagawa), Joker and Trick, so maybe I’ll check those out later. I also should probably expand my library of genres and try out some Taiga or historical drama.

Any other good crime/mystery drama or movie recommendations are always welcome. 🙂

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